Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Christmas Eve now! They did manage to get us a decent meal today. Nothing spectacular, just the usual turkey, etc....We pull into port tomorrow, hence the early Christmas meal.

The writings have slowed down a bit. I guess that I have vented a large portion of the pressure that needed to be let out. Plus, shipping is like the movie Ground Hog Day. Once a week, reread the text and that will probably encompass what happened the next week.

Last night was kind of funny though. We are in the Malacca Strait right now. So, we have the ship's weapon's out and night vision gear. We kept seeing (on radar) small contacts coming close by, but couldn't visually see them. No lights, nada!

Finally, we spotted one of these sneaky pirates! Huge logs/trees that the radar was picking up. LOL

We are supposed to pull into S'pore tomorrow around 1430. That could work out nicely, I get off of work at 1545. So, maybe, I can get ashore for a few hours. If so, I will try to get some pics from the main business/shopping area in town. The Singaporeans decorate the heck out of downtown.

Sleep has been real hard to come by here. There have been very few moments of sleep that have lasted more than an hour or so. Oh, the time has been there, but the sleep hasn't. Weird even laying in the woods, I have often slept better than I am here.

I was supposed to put out some properly conditioned fire extinguishers today. You know, maybe replace the ones that are corroded and rusty. Nahh, wasn't to be. It became more important to paint a 4 ft section of hand rail on the lifeboat. A lifeboat whose fire extinguisher's aren't even in a bracket, just kind of sitting there.

For those of you that don't understand, fire is the Mariner's worst fear. When you are out at sea and a fire hits, there is no fire dept to call. You put it out, swim, or die. That is my reasoning for my alarm at their nonchalant attitude towards the safety gear on board here. And the fact that they have already had two fuel lines burst down in the engine room doesn't do much for your peace of mind either.

The attitude is prevalent in almost everything that is done here. Our powertools have a locking on/off switch. That is a big safety no no. It should have a pressure switch, so that if something happens and you release it, it turns off. Our safety harnesses are spotty at best. There are rusted out hand rails. The access to the forward stores/paint locker areas would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous: rusty ladder, no hand holds.

Yeah folks, your government dollars are chartering this ship to supply its base. Really scary to see just how poorly some $$'s get spent. Isn't it?

And on that joyful note, I bid adieu for the evening.

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