Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest Day

I have made it to Sunday now! Every day is a day closer to the house. So, a small celebration is always in order. 34 days down now. 86~ to go.

The weather has picked up since my last update. The ship is riding into 6’ to 8’ seas right now. Just enough to rock you gently to sleep.

I did hear that Florida won the National Championship! 3 in a row for the SEC! Kind of weird out here. No one seems to be into football or from the south. So, consequently, no one really gives a damn but me. Grrrrr

The 2nd mate, the one guy that I could always talk to on here, is going home when we get to Singapore. It is actually three weeks earlier than he was expecting and a bit disappointing to me. But I don’t blame him, I would jump at an early exit too.

There really isn’t too much to report on at the moment. Which I would take to be a good thing. No drama.

Oh, I did ask about getting soy milk when we get groceries in S’pore. I can’t drink milk and that is a reasonable substitute.

The Captain didn‘t seem to think so. He exclaimed that “Soy costs $5/ltr and is a personal item”. So, guess who gets to pick up the tab if they want any. Not this cheap ass company.

But, if that is the worst that I can come up with the at the moment, I guess things have improved. Actually, I don’t know if life has improved or if I have finally reconciled myself to my fate.

I have been busy taking a few pics of the deplorable conditions around here. I will post those with the updates when we return to D’Gar. I really wish that I had Photoshop Elements or something similar on this laptop. I tried to download it, but it is 456 mb! My connection was showing a d/l time of several days. LOL Oh, well.

Until next time, mi compradres….

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