Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch the Panic

The panic is full blown now. We have entered the Malacca Strait. We are less than two days from Singapore. And we still have lots of rust to paint over. And….its raining! LOL

What for me is so depressing, is that we had other jobs, which were being done correctly, that are now on hold. There were brand new hand rails that I was allowed to properly prep and prime. Now mid way through that job, it has been shut down so we can do this smoke and mirrors paint job.

In this environment, even good primer starts to rust through in a few days. So, now basically, that job will be done half assed. As is every other job here.

It has taken me a few days to notice, and I will wait until after this (hopefully) final inspection, but no notice of thanks has come from up above. The crew on this ship has been busting their asses to get this POS ship to pass its inspections and not one word of “thanks”, “Good Job”, or anything similar to that.

The only comment I heard about the inspection were when the Capt. congratulated himself for having us put all of the fire hoses together for one big pressure test. HE was so glad that HE thought of that…..

This is the same guy that made me take a breathalyzer before I went to the doctor. It was “just company policy”???? Right!! Sorry dude, only thing on my breath was Crest!

Hmm, getting hard to type at the moment. The intoxicating effects of our scrumptious lunch are catching up to me. OK, with the written word, it is sometimes difficult to catch sarcasm. That was an example of it. Our lunch consisted of boiled spinach and some kind of stroganoff.

We did finally get some kind of bread with a meal. I haven’t had a biscuit or roll since I was in New Orleans. It was something along the lines of French bread. I was so shocked that I promptly cut my finger while trying to open it and get a little butter on it.

So, now I sit here with part of a Qtip and scotch tape as a bandage. I did have some hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin, at least. LOL

Here is a pic of me, hard at work on this little lifeline of mine. Jamming out to some Staind. Grrr, 20 minutes till more painting over rust and through water and on top of dirt. LOL

Later allllll

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