Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Story Continues

Once again, I took a little break on this project of mine. I wanted to wait and see what was actually going to happen before I offered any updates. It is now Tuesday morning (0200) and it looks like I will be here a while longer.

I went to the Dr yesterday. Ulcers and acid reflux had been attempting a comeback. I was actually hoping that the problem might be bad enough to make me “unfit for duty”. That would have been a free ticket home. But, as it is now, I was given a bag full of pills and will soldier on.

I was also given something to help with my moods. I gave a brief description of the atmosphere here to the Doc and she gave me some feel good meds. : )) Lord, I hope these work. Don’t know what they are, they are up in my room and I am outside on Watch right now.

I guess I will put that “carrot” back in front of me and concentrate on paying a few credit cards off. So, not all is lost.

The ship underwent a Coast Guard inspection today and by hook or crook, they seem to have passed it. Maybe things will relax a little around here now.

This stupid stuff of painting over dirt and rust so that it will look good for a few days. Aye, carumba!

Today is our last full day here. We have had tons of rain, hopefully, it will slack off a bit. It’s just horrible when you are trying to have fun on a tropical island and all it wants to do is rain. :p

And on that note, I will close today’s edition. Thanks for reading my therapy sessions.



  1. Good Morning! I'm about to get off of work too. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling good. Those ulcers are from nerves! What type of goodies did you get from the doc? If you have any questions? The nurse is in! Glad to see you have the blog. I wasn't able to open the documents you sent...somethings going on with our home computer.

  2. Well, I am glad I reposted everything here then. I don't have the meds here. Prilosec and Xantec for the stomach. The other stuff started with a C??It is 630pm here. I have another hour or so and then back to the ship. I go back to work at mid....

  3. It sounds as though there's some sex that needs to be had on that boat. Tension is high, patience in low...yep, I'm thinking sex would do the trick. Smooth things over with the guy you don't like by buying him a hooker. That's my 2 cents.

    Hope you continue to keep a smile on your face, a positive outlook makes everything a little more palatable. Then again, what the hell do I know.

    Truman says hi.

  4. Yo, what's happening dude. Well, sorry it's not going as well. But that's any job aye'. We have been pickin up at work. Not much time for anything but rest. Korey called me tonight, and said he started working out again. Hmmmmmm, reminds of that membership i keep paying for but never use (lol). You need to get back here so we can do some riding. Holla at ya later dude.


  5. I think Kelly has the right idea!